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Mark Munoz pounded his way to victory at UFC 162, literally

Mark Munoz pounded his way to victory at UFC 162, literally

Donkey Kong punches. There. I said it. I mean after that fight, that’s what you’re here for – the Donkey Kong punch reference. Not entirely sure what the exact definition of the term is, but off hand I would assume it’s a giant punch capable of reducing a wooden barrel to nothing but planks and sawdust. After watching Mark Munoz land of a barrage of these “Donkey Kong Punches” on Tim Boetsch tonight at UFC 162 I am sure that is what the term means. Seriously, Boetsch probably has some sort of internal bleeding/organ damage going on.

Munoz/Boetsch was a spectacularly violent affair that ended with Munoz grabbing the unamious decision win, albeit with some rather odd scores. It was a one sided for the most part, but still entertaining none the less. It was the kind of visceral display that could have only been made better by having Daniel Day Lewis do commentary alongside Joe Rogan, while staying in his Daniel Plainview character from There Will Be Blood. In fact, while we’re sticking with this semi-obscure movie reference them – someone should really check on Boetsch to make sure that no vital organs have been punctured via a broken rib. 8 Seconds, anyone? No? Okay then.

Lame Pheonix metaphors aside, Munoz showed tonight that he is back on track to being a threat at Middleweight. This wasn’t even close to the same guy that got mauled by Chris Weidman, and Munoz came out tonight after battling back from a serious bout of depression that most notably manifested itself in a severe weight gain to show that the beauty of MMA is that it will always allow for an LL Cool J reference.

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