Mark Munoz lets us know how his documentary is going

Somewhere in California, Mark Munoz is probably watching the Super Bowl, surrounded by friends and family and rooting for a team that has a yellow color scheme. That much we know. What we don’t know, is if the documentary crew following around the Filipino UFC star is also partaking in chips and dip while they film him. If they are, all of that crunchy chewing behind the camera could make for a hilarious special feature if we get a home video release, but the likely hood of their being some sort of vegetable/hummus spread is better than chips and dip. We caught up with Mark Munoz a few days ago and were able to ask him a few brief pertaining to his life at the moment. We forgot to ask him what he does to double dippers.

How goes the documentary? The documentary is going well! Aaron Mello-Fisher is a great person to work with and he is non-invasive. Makes things super easy for me!


Have you started filming it? Yes, filming has started and there are going to be 5 to 6 episodes. It’s going to be great!


How does it feel to be followed by cameras everywhere? You get used to the cameras being around. Aaron is also a great cameraman as well. He’s never in the way and he does his research on MMA and is very knowledgeable about the sport.


Are you going to continue to push your developing standup on Dolloway? Or should we expect a wrestling match from the two of you? Yes I believe that my standup has improved drastically and will definitely look to capitalize on my improvement, but I will never forget about my wrestling as well! It’s going to be a great fight!!


Your FORM sweater is really comfortable. What other FORM products do you like? Thanks! The thermals are great and very comfortable to me. I love the comfort of the shorts as well.
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