Mark is hunting Bigfoot again, so watch this new Road to Hunt vs. Silva II nature documentary

The Hunt for Bigfoot continues this weekend at UFC 193. Reports have confirmed that Bigfoot was last seen in Brazil before swimming up to Florida for an eight to ten week training camp. Now UFC heavyweight and full time Bigfoot enthusiast, Mark Hunt has pinpointed Bigfoot’s location right down to the exact date and time.

The last time Hunt and Bigfoot Silva shared the same cage space, both men had an out of body experience. For 25 minutes, the fists of Hunt pounded the head of Silva. The result was a violent bloody brawl that was declared a draw. Hunt vs. Silva one was the rare heavyweight fights that goes the distance while surpassing every entertainment expectation.

Now two years later both big men are 1-2 in the UFC since their last meeting. Something has to give at UFC 193; either Hunt’s career ends Bigfoot-less or the “Super Samoan” mounts the head of a Brazilian Sasquatch over his fireplace.


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