Mark Hunt wasn’t released, he was just hungry?

I am a man, the type of man that sweats when it’s above 30 degrees outside, the type of man that must consume food every two hours to fuel my muscular body. If this doesn’t happen then we will begin to have a serious problem. At first I play it cool because I’m such a cool cat, then over time that slowly begins to erode. I will start to do things that a man on a full stomach wouldn’t do. I get extremely irrational, I start to sweat even more so except this is a different type of sweat, it was a different scent, a scent of desperation.

In this sense I can relate to Mark Hunt. He was hungry and then tweeted about how he was unemployment, listen, I’ve been there, I know how it is. Stay strong Mark.

We now conclude this episode of MMA mysteries, Mark Hunt wasn’t released, just hungry. 

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