Mark Hunt wants a quick turnaround, looking to fight in Sydney next month

Let’s play a little mental game.  Let’s say you’re driving down the highway on a roadtrip, it’s well after dark, and the last thing you ate were some powered donuts around 11 o’clock that morning.  You come to a lonesome exit, featuring only 2 fast food joints to feed you: KFC and Burger King.  This might seem like a difficult decision to make.  Do you want the crunchy-yet-juicy goodness of the Colonel’s 11 secret herbs & spices, or do you want to custom order your flame-broiled Whopper & Have it Your Way?  Do you want your potatoes mashed with gravy or french fried with ketchup?  Do you want to wash it all down with a Pepsi or a Coke?  What is a weary traveler to do?

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, that question was forever answered.  Mark “The KFC King” Hunt exploded Roy “Go Get Me a Whopper” Nelson’s mullet with a monstrous uppercut.  The debate is over.  You will eat the fried chicken & scoff at those foolish enough to think beef is an acceptable alternative.  Hunt has now begun setting his sites on the future, lobbying to fight on the Sydney, Australia card headlined my Michael Bisping vs. Luke Rockhold.

“I feel pretty good — no injuries — and hopefully I can get on the Sydney card in four weeks,.  Dana White?  Joe Silva?”

The problem is, everyone else in the top ten is either already matched-up, or is just coming off a fight, with the exception of one man: Josh “The War Master” Barnett.  These two already faced each other within the confines of PRIDE’s squared circle with the then-Baby Faced Assassin walking away with a kimura victory.  It might be a bi of an odd match-up, for Hunt to come off a win and face a Barnett who was knocked out in his last fight, but The Super Samoan is eager to fight so close to home:

“I want to move forward; I want to move up into the rankings. I want to get a title shot. My purpose is to fight for a title.  Fighting someone outside the top 10, win or lose, it makes me go backwards. Of course, I’ll consider fighting someone else outside the top 10 if it was in Sydney.” 

Barnett might be a happy compromise, assuming he’d sign to fight the heavy-handed New Zealander on just 7 weeks notice.  Besides, Josh seems like the type of guy that wouldn’t mind continuing the fast food rivalry theme  by repping In-N-Out Burger.
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