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Mark Hunt speaks! Hunt talks a potential Overeem fight, an offer to fight Rumble Johnson and more

Mark Hunt speaks! Hunt talks a potential Overeem fight, an offer to fight Rumble Johnson and more

When we last checked in with Mark Hunt he was still pretty pissed off at Brock Lesnar and the UFC. They say time heals all wounds and it looks like slowly but surely Hunt is coming around to the idea of fighting for the UFC again. After rumors surfaced of Hunt fighting Alistair Overeem at UFC 210, it appeared that The Super Samoan and the UFC had finally hugged it out.

Things were going so well between the UFC and Hunt, the former K-1 champion even mapped out a four fight 2017 schedule with the promotion. But wait there’s more, it’s a contract clause and it doesn’t look like the UFC is willing to bend to Hunt’s demands. From our friends at

“ spoke with Mark Hunt today and he sounded quite frustrated. His main frustration stems from not having a special clause in his fight contract. The clause he wants added is that if his opponent is caught doping, their entire purse goes to Hunt.”

Hunt would go on to say

“I’ve actually agreed to 4 fights already. I agreed to Melbourne, Canada, Brooklyn next year and also agreed to Overeem in March. They won’t put a clause in the contract and I don’t know why. It doesn’t hurt the company, it only hurts the cheater.”

Just put a clause in my contract and I’ll fight anyone. They’ve offered me a bunch of fights and I accepted all of them. They even offered me Anthony Johnson and I accepted that too. Every fight I accepted and said, “Put the clause in my contract.”

Well shit. What about Hunt vs. The Reem??? Or Hunt versus Hunt Rumble?!?!

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