Mark Hunt knocks out Roy Nelson, ref ruins walk off into Japanese sunset

Mark Hunt just proved that hashtag K1 never die tonight in Japan. From the outset it looked like he never respected Roy’s striking, keeping his hands down in anticipation of Roy’s telegraphed takedown attempts, holding the trigger and flicking the analog stick of his mind to juke and jive all around Roy’s punches. It was a beautiful performance. You could probably say it was Hunt’s best UFC performance in fact, and it makes you wonder if he has one more title run in his loving Samoan heart. 

I hope so. I’m ready to rally for Mark Hunt again. He somehow keeps getting better even at his advanced age. Maybe Jesus really is a performance enhancer. It seemed like it tonight. The final pawing jab into a brutal uppercut decimated Roy’s hairy chin and finally ended his UFC streak of heavyweight shots absorbed without a knockout (remember he got knocked out by AA back in Strikeforce/Elite XC, I can’t remember, it’s late/early). Hunt did it, like we all suspected he… Could?

This ends a fantastic UFC Fight night, and a hell of a night/morning of MMA in general. Life is good. I’m tired, but this was all worth it. 

I’ll get a replay up as soon as I find one. Good morning.

Damn, that was awesome. If only the ref didn’t blow the walk off. If Mark Hunt is fighting on a card, the commission should instruct the refs to not disturb the walk off.

Replay via Reddit:

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