Mark Hunt is one of New Zealand’s top paid sport stars, and he’s befuddled

Mark Hunt could take Leonardo DiCaprio’s place in the UN to discuss the intricacies of climate change and boil his speech down to, “it’s hot, stop messin’ around, yeah?” Mark Hunt is not a man of many words, just a man of many strike totals. A declarative statement from Mark Hunt is, “yeah.” 

And can you blame him? Why say in a hundred words that you can say in two? He’s a busy guy. If he stops to be loquacious, he can’t be playing Left 4 Dead or knocking people out. It’s a matter of priorities. 

However, you can get Mark Hunt communicating en masse if the stars align and the medium is correct. Get him talking about cash on Facebook, and you’ll get the longest quotes from Mark Hunt you’ve ever read, mixed with a healthy amount of improvised onomonopia.

Take Mark Hunt’s surprise that he’s one of New Zealand’s top-paid sporting stars. According to the NZ Herald News, Hunt is making $350,000 per fight on his new deal, which puts him in the top 20. For him, that’s still not that much, considering taxes, costs of training, food, etc, etc, etc. I don’t need to tell you guys, you’re educated in these matters, and you’re very intelligent. 



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