Mark Hunt Calls Keyboard Warriors “Boobies”

Who doesn’t like Mark Hunt? Seriously. “Hunto” is literally, and figuratively, one of the biggest fan favorites in all of combat sports. Going back to his Atomic Butt Drop on Wanderlei Silva at PRIDE Shockwave 2004, Mark Hunt has been attached to deepest parts of my heart giving me a completely blocked coronary artery of fanboy love. So when he took to Facebook hours ago addressing the keyboard warriors of the MMA world, I was surprised.

I was hoping he was going to focus more one telling them to pay more attention to the “S-T-F and U” keys, but I had to settle for him just calling them “boobies” instead. I think that’s what he called them anyway. My copy of New Zealand Rosetta Stone hasn’t come in the mail yet, so I’m not entirely sure what he said there at the end. Maybe it’s just my alpha programming that makes my lizard brain go to “boobies,” or maybe Mark Hunt is really just calling the forum trolls boobies. I cannot be sure. But I’ll leave it to other keyboard warriors who are more well-versed in New Zealandese to drop Atomic Butt Drops of knowledge on me.


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