Mariusz Pudzianowski vs. James Thompson will go down at KSW

We tried to interview the alien lifeform inhabiting James Thompson’s ear but it clung onto our face, laid eggs inside our bodies and exploded out of our chest. Note to self: Buy the Alien Quadrilogy DVD set, which is a lame name for such a cool collection. Watching Aliens III is like watching that split second when Kimbo Slice burst open Thompson’s ear, thus giving birth to a new lifeform that probably gives James life advice whenever he finds himself between a rock and a hard place (and an alien lifeform). Despite going 3-12 in his last sixteen fights (with one bout being considered a no-contest due to ‘fan intervention’), Thompson says that since he’s been training with London Shootfighters his MMA game has drastically improved. In 2009 it was reported that, Strikeforce picked up James Thompson to slap on to their ever-expanding heavyweight roster but, according to Thompson, he needed a few ‘tune up’ fights before his debut.

Thompson’s first ‘tune up’ fight was against a dude that has ‘Uber’ in his name. At Dream 12, Alistair Overeem flew over James Thompson with a flying knee and eventually returned back to earth only to catch Thompson in standing guillotine early in the first round. James Thompson always seemed like a dude that had the right gameplan but would always get caught with a wild punch (or submission) that would send him to the mat. On January 30th 2010, James Thompson managed to get his first win since he defeated Don Frye in Pride back in 2007. Thompson caught Tengiz Tedoradze with a flurry of punches late in the second round giving him a TKO over a dude that holds a record of 23-9. James Thompson advanced to the second round of ZT’s heavyweight tourney where he unfortunately got KOd by Rob Broughton (who then went on to claim the ZT heavyweight grand-prix title).

Now according to a source very close to one of the fighters, it appears that The Colossus will be facing another colossus, but statistically the world’s strongest colossus, Mariusz Pudzianowski. We all remember what Pudzilla did to Marcin Najman’s leg at KSW 12 — and what Tim Sylvia did to Pudzianowski’s color-changing body at Moosin: God of Martial Arts. Realistically, this fight could go to either fighter and that’s why you should be intrigued at this match-up. Still no word on the exact date of this bout, which will most likely be confirmed by KSW in a few days.

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