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Mariusz Pudzianowski’s boxing coach just threw him under the bus

Mariusz Pudzianowski’s boxing coach just threw him under the bus

When Krzysztof Kosedowski, Mariusz Pudzianowski’s boxing coach, refers to Pudz’s boxing as ‘bad’, he doesn’t mean it in the cool way that Michael Jackson used in order to have one of the most successful albums of all time. He literally means Pudzianowski has perhaps the worst boxing he’s ever seen from an MMA fighter. In an interview with (via BloodyElbow), Krzysztof breaks the world record for repeated use of the world ‘bad’ in one phrase.

“His boxing technique is bad. There a lot of holes in his game. His defense is weak, he didn’t have much time to learn. There are holes in every aspect of his boxing technique. His jab is bad, his legs are bad, his defense is bad, his offense is bad. I also don’t think Mariusz is ready to take a punch”

Being thrown under the bus is an understatement, although whatever bus Pudzianowski is thrown under would immediately explode in to a cloud of metallic vapor. At least the dude still has those mastodon legs in which he brutalized Marcin Najman at KSW 12 back in December. [Source]

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