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Mario Yamasaki Watched Valentina Shevchenko Hit Priscila Cachoeira with 100 Unanswered Blows and Didn’t Give a Fuck

Mario Yamasaki Watched Valentina Shevchenko Hit Priscila Cachoeira with 100 Unanswered Blows and Didn’t Give a Fuck

Mario Yamasaki used UFC Belem as a chance to remind the MMA world that he remains the worst referee in the sport.

In the second fight where he was the referee, Mario Yamasaki idly watched as Valentina Schevchenko outlanded her opponent 95 to 2 according to Fight Metric. Schevchenko rained down fists from mount, elbows from full guard, and strikes to her opponent’s temple in rear mount, but nothing seemed to satisfy Mario Yamasaki’s bloodlust.

The unconvinced Mario Yamasaki even waited past Cachoeira tapping out, ending the fight after she nearly lost consciousness and was going limp.

How brutally dominant was this performance from the -1000 favorite Shevchenko? Check out the responses to this video of about a dozen and a half unanswered blows from crucifix that “Bullet” landed.

The lack of urgency in the stoppage was so egregious, MMA Fighting reporter Guilherme Cruz asked the UFC representative point blank if Mario Yamasaki would be allowed to ref for the UFC in Brazil ever again. The UFC representative says the promotion would work with the commission so that “a situation like that never happens again”.

Of course, this is not the first time that Mario Yamasaki has horribly fucked up in the course of reffing a fight. He famously let Derrick Lewis go full Black Beast on an unconscious Travis Browne. He’s been slow to stop submission despite clear taps, as well. Yamasaki once watched Alex Oliveira tap nearly ten times before Cowboy Cerrone had to tell him that his opponent was finished. He has also had his share of early stoppages, famously giving Kevin Lee a submission win over Michael Chiesa despite the lack of a tap and Chiesa seeming to remain conscious. These multiple gaffs and countless others have earned Mario Yamasaki the title of the worst official in MMA.

It seems like this last incident made have been the last straw for Mario Yamasaki. Dana White has said Mario Yamasaki should never set foot in an Octagon again. He took to Instagram immediately after Shevchenko/Cachoeira shit talk MMA’s worst ref.

What did Valentina think of the late stoppage? When asked about it during the post-fight conference, she said that she never considered the stoppage late and was glad she choked Cachoeira to eliminate all doubt regarding the stoppage. That’s some cold blooded shit. In fact, that’s how you dance on your opponent’s grave.


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