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Man who has people starve themselves blames IV ban for potential death in MMA

Man who has people starve themselves blames IV ban for potential death in MMA

The ironing, it is so strong. Mike Dolce, a man who requires his athletes to buy into his bro science by essentially starving themselves, then getting an IV (which in turn is part of his “miracle” recovery period), is seeing the potential MMA IV ban as the “worst possible day in mma.”

Not like, someone dying being the worst possible day, it’s the day the IV is banned that is the worst possible day.

Why does he fee this way? Because he’s a glorified dietitian who depends on that IV to get his athlete back up to weight.  

Let’s never forget that BJ Penn gave this quote after his debacle with Dolce:

“I turned down the IV, so Dolce made an attempt to rehydrate me in a different way that he does,” Penn told “I woke up the next day (fight day) at 150 [pounds] and I ate this much food for the 13 hours before the fight that day. Dolce didn’t come to check on me, or monitor my weight, and I couldn’t get in touch with him. I don’t feel there was any real attempt to get back to my sparring weight after weighing in.

“From all my years of experience in the UFC, every second counts from the scale to the cage, and Mike Dolce didn’t share the same mentality as I did. Dolce made every meal I ate the whole time I was there [in Vegas], and now after the fact, he says I should have went and ate my own food if I was hungry.”

So read between the lines. Dolce’s just upset because he can no longer give his fighters an IV, because that’s the only proven part about his system to get his fighters back and healthy. Maybe, just maybe, these fighters shouldn’t be cutting thirty, twenty, or even ten pounds. No studies have been done on the long-term ramifications of cutting this much weight. The worst possible day would be the day a fighter cutting weight under someone who has no medical training has their system shut down or worse. But Dolce won’t admit that. He’s too busy charging for starving.

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