Making predictions before a fight just isn’t a good thing

I think a wise man once said ‘Never count your chickens before they hatch’. Guaranteed I saw that same ‘wise man’ on the sidewalk at Venice Beach selling bracelets made out of hemp. I’m pretty sure he witnessed what went down at Strikeforce Heavy Artillery and has devised an even more clever way to say that you shouldn’t talk smack before a fight. The saying probably goes something like ‘Never start urinating before you have your jeans unzipped’. At least it should go something like that. Venice Beach in mid-May smells like it’s been marinating in urine for the better part of the year. If you can cure cancer by urinating in the middle of the street, Venice Beach is the most technologically advanced medical laboratory in the world.

Check out this compilation of Brett Rogers talking smack before the match only to be equalized by Alistair Overeem and his extreme obsession with The Black Eyed Peas. Props to LocoLoc for the find.

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