Islam Makhachev Dominates Thiago Moises On The Ground, Gets Submission Victory – UFC Vegas 31 Results (Highlights)

Makhachev extended his winning streak with a fourth-round submission win over Moises in the UFC Vegas 31 headliner.

Islam Makhachev

A lightweight headliner between Islam Makhachev and Thiago Moises is taking place now (Saturday, July 17, 2021) at UFC Vegas 31.

Round 1

Moises sees his head kick blocked. Makhachev sees his blocked soon after. Makhachev is cutting off the cage already. He lands a leg kick on Moises. Moises finds some space with a blitz but doesn’t land anything. Moises sees a powerful head kick blocked. Makhachev lands a front kick to the body. Moises goes for the body lock and has Makhachev on the fence. Makhachev eventually separates. Makhachev lands a few lefts. He clinches Moises and lands some knees. Moises reverses him and looks to get a single leg. Makhachev pushes his head down and defends the attempt but is still against the fence. He lands knees on Moises and reverses the position. He lifts Moises from that position and gets him down beautifully. Moises has his full guard but Makhachev manages to land some strikes from the top. Moises ends the round with a few elbows off his back.

10-9 to Makhachev.

Round 2

Moises connects with a front body kick. Moises lands a nice right in a combination but Makhachev eats it. Moises is much more active this round as his body kick is blocked. Makhachev responds with some strikes and a body kick of his own. He clinches Moises against the cage and lands knees. Moises reverses but Makhachev continues to land knees and strikes. Moises gets Makhachev down but Makhachev scrambles straight away and ends up with the Brazilian’s back. Makhachev continues to control Moises while landing a couple of strikes. Makhachev has him on the ground now with the hooks in. He mounts him late on but doesn’t have enough time to secure the armbar.

20-18 to Makhachev. Dominant round.

Round 3

Makhachev lands a quick low kick. Moises lands a body kick but sees his head kick blocked. He eats a check hook from Makhachev as he rushes forward. Makhachev has Moises backed up against the cage and starts to let his hands go. Moises clinches him up and has him against the cage. Makhachev shows great strength to defend multiple takedown attempts from Moises but still remains backed up against the cage. Makhachev lands knees before countering the position. After landing more knees, he has Moises’ back and takes him down. He sinks the hooks in with just a minute remaining. Moises scrambles and threatens with a leg lock. Moises holds on to the hold but receives some strikes as the round ends with Makhachev not in any serious trouble during that sequence.

Another round for Makhachev. 30-27.

Round 4

Moises lands a nice leg kick. However, Makhachev goes for his leg and picks him up to slam him. He passes to take his back before sinking in the rear naked choke for the win!

Official result: Islam Makhachev defeats Thiago Moises via rear naked choke submission (R4, 2:38).

Check out the highlights below:

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