Madden 2012 to introduce a new way of handling in game concussions

Interesting. It looks like EA Sports will be handling concussions in Madden differently in the 2012 edition. No longer can you get your QB sacked 9 times by the blindside DE and expect him to be unaffected by the repeated crushing blows to their head. Your dude has a concussion because your left tackle sucks and now he needs to stand on the sidelines with a 1000 yard stare while your 2nd stringer comes in and fumbles the snap. According to George Attalah, an executive with the NFLPA, concussed players can no longer keep playing, no matter how badly you want them to return. This bodes well for me, as the guy I usually play against constantly brings in his severyly injured players and still dominates me. Annoying. This is what George said on Twitter:

“Concussed players in NFL Madden prevented from returning to play. Culture change is important,”

Good call, I’m sure Austin Collie is giving someone a fist bump somewhere.
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