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Machineman has another beautiful video out, this one depressing Pride fans everywhere

Machineman has another beautiful video out, this one depressing Pride fans everywhere

I’m an unapologetic Pride fanboy. I very rarely label myself as a fanboy, but in this case, it’s the only term that would apply. Before Pride, I was a stereotypical boxing fan, sounding much like Bob Arum when I spoke of MMA. Then I remember this one singular moment, in which I saw a highlight of Cro Cop landing a left body kick on Wanderlei Silva, which was followed up by showing Wanderlei on his stool with the a foot sized bruise on the right side of his body. The thoughts that went through my head are as vivid as they were then. “I don’t know what this is, but I like it and I like these two guys.” From that point on I became a MMA fan and more importantly — a Pride fan.

Pride was everything that I wanted in a sporting event; it had top tier talent, combined with a certain pageantry that I adore. A pageantry that seems to be lost in today’s MMA. Even the little things such as the blood splattering on the canvas. It’s so much prettier when it happens on a white canvas as to a dull gray one. But that’s beyond the point. Pride represented the arts in MMA. Their VTR’s that lead into fights were art and it made what followed that just that much more important. The theatrical opening ceremonies made me feel as if I was watching something that was truly special and not just watch two dudes fight, even though that is EXACTLY what I was going to watch.

As a Pride fanboy, these past few years have been rough. I don’t need to go into it, you guys know just as well as me as to what happened to the fighters that made up Pride. Father time loses to no man, unless of course your name is Bernard Hopkins. This video encompasses how it feels like to have been a Pride fan for these past heartbreaking years. All I can really say is, Pride never die.

Huge props to Machineman for another masterpiece.


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