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Machida vs. Shogun II going down May 1st in Canada

Machida vs. Shogun II going down May 1st in Canada

We’re not going to sit here and tell you how Shogun Rua landed more strikes than Machida, or how Cecil Peoples said if you don’t like the decision you ‘can go to hell‘. We’re just here to tell you that on May 1st all trash-talking, unpaid bets, crushed egos, hurt feelings, stolen socks, bruised ribs, busted lips, broken noses and inconsequential title robberies will be settled in an octagon in Montreal, Canada. Shortly after The Machida Error (a termed I coined, some reader stole it, told Joe Rogan and now every media outlet has used it for a headline…true story), both parties agreed to a rematch. Now according to Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports, Dana White told him that the rematch is going down May 1st in Montreal, Canada at an unnamed event.

Dana White just told me: Lyoto Machida will defend UFC light heavyweight belt against Shogun Rua May 1 in Montreal.

This time don’t let Joe Rogan cloud up your mind with accurate thoughts. We suggest you turn off your volume, remove your clothes and fast for 6 hours prior to watching the event to prevent any announcer bias. [Source]

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