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M-1 Global is suing Bellator’s Vyacheslav Vasilevsky 1,000 € a day retroactive from March 25th 2011

M-1 Global is suing Bellator’s Vyacheslav Vasilevsky 1,000 € a day retroactive from March 25th 2011

Money is in this season. It’s the new black. Money goes with every outfit this summer. If cash is trendy in 2012, then Vyacheslav Vasilevsky will be rocking the equivalent of orange nylon pants and Yaga shirts this year. That’s because M-1 Global is suing Vasilevsky exactly 1,000 euros which is retroactive from March 25th 2011, the date M-1 Global believes the Bellator fighter started breaching his M-1 contract. According to, M-1 Global is also taking 5,000 euros for every fight he took since the day of the contractual breach in 2011. Now I’m by far a successful mathematician. In fact, if Drug Wars wasn’t installed on my TI-83 calculator, I would have never passed a single high school math class. I’m not even sure if that previous statement makes any sense. However, based on my primitive estimates, Vyacheslav Vasilevsky owes M-1 Global 388,000 euros as of today, March 22nd 2012. Here’s a translated excerpt from of the ordeal:

After winning the tournament Challenge XX December 10, 2010 knockout victory over Tomas Narkunom , Wasilewski refused to continue playing for the M-1. Numerous attempts to negotiations between management and the M-1 fighter and search for a solution have failed. Soon, the media was the news that the soldier signed a new contract and will play for one of the major American promotions of MMA-organizations. M-1 Global has decided to resort to legal means to protect their rights in accordance with the signed agreement. The court will pay Vasilevsky M-1 Global, the following penalties: from March 25, 2011, € 1,000 for each day of breach of contract, € 5,000 for each day performance of any promotional organization, in addition to the M-1 Global, as well as full reimburse the costs of the claimant. court’s decision will set a precedent in the resolution of disputes between athletes and the organization.

Google Translate isn’t 100% accurate (yet), but if your Russian is on point, feel free to read the untranslated story on Let’s hope Vasilevsky wins the Bellator middleweight tournament this season so he can put a dent in the six figures M-1 Global is claiming from him.

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