M-1 Global denies that a Fedor vs Henderson bout is on the horizon

Despite my undying man-crush for Fedor Emelianenko illustrated by the fact that I’ve followed the guy across the planet for the past two years just to see him fight, it would be a complete slap in the face and poke in the eye to the Strikeforce light heavyweight division if Fedor Emelianenko gets a title shot against Dan Henderson after coming off two consecutive losses. Strikeforce’s 205 lb division is infused with a plethora of light heavyweight match-ups for Dan Henderson to feast off for the next three years, including guys like Roger Gracie, King Mo, Mike Kyle, Gegard Mousasi — and all of them are in EA Sports MMA, aside from Mike Kyle. Bummer. We got in touch with Eric Nicholl from M-1 Global to see if Fedor Emelianenko is truly considering dropping down to light heavyweight in order to bang against Dan Henderson and it appears M-1 Global believes it’s all nonsense.

At this time it is all rumor with no truth. It’s not anything M-1 has considered at all. Should it be decided that Fedor would consider dropping to 205, M-1 would make an official announcement.”

We were all trolled by some website I simply cannot remember at the moment, partially because there’s a roach crawling on my wall that needs to meet a chemical death before it makes anymore progression in my place. Folks, Fedor Emelianenko has been fighting at the same weight since Bill Clinton was president. I would think it would be a complete impossibility for his body to even drop thirty-pounds without severing a leg — or a lap band surgery.

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