Lyoto Machida has an array of finishing moves that he wants to share with you

Despite reports that Lyoto Machida spawned from some dragon egg on top the hills of Salvador, Brazil thirty four years ago, Lyoto does have a dad and his dad does drink his own urine. Urine drinking is nothing new people, it’s been a steady medicinal practice for over a thousand years. I tried it out because my friends bet me five dollars, a bottle of Powerade, and a gift card to Barnes and Nobles that I later found out was expired. Drinking a glass of urine is the new black. It goes with everything. You’re telling me you’ve never had a urine/vodka before? It’s great, try it. Next time you’re at a bar ask for a ‘Pee Bomber,’ they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about. If they do know what you’re talking about, then it’s obvious they’re just disgusting people. Get out of that bar as soon as possible.

You’ll never be able to do what Machida does inside the Octagon. Just cross those activities off your bucket list as soon as possible. However, what you can do is watch this Fuel TV video of Lyoto Machida showing off all that ‘deadly stuff’ that Steven Seagal probably taught him.

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