Luke Rockhold: I Lost The Passion And Hunger For Fighting

Luke Rockhold
Photo via Instagram @lukerockhold

Luke Rockhold Explains Why He Is Not Fighting Anymore

Luke Rockhold may not have officially retired from MMA. However, he explains that he is absolutely done for a while.

Rockhold has been on a terrible skid since losing his UFC Middleweight title. He has gone 1-3 since gaining the strap, with all of his losses coming by brutal knockout. Additionally, in that run he also tried his hand at a new weight class, but to a similar conclusion.

As a result of these lackluster performances, Rockhold has decided to take some time away from MMA. Although he has not have said he is retired, he expressed deep disinterest in continuing to fight. Additionally, he has decided to try his hand at submission grappling.

Moreover, speaking with MMAFighting, Luke Rockhold doubled down on these notions. Again, not officially retiring, he has explained why he is taking time away from fighting.

“Fighting takes a lot. I’ve done it, I’ve been to the top of the game. I just don’t have the same passion, the hunger for it at this point. I’m excited to go in other realms of life. I know I have a lot of fans out there. I’m sorry I’m not fighting but you never know. Maybe someday I will but I don’t foresee it at this point.”

Additionally, Rockhold says fighting in the UFC does not make the most sense for him right now.

“Obviously you can’t fight forever. I can make more money outside the cage so if I can do that, why not? Not have to deal with the political bulls–t that comes with fighting and the UFC, all that stuff we know about. I like it. It makes me happy.”

Do you think Luke Rockhold ever fights in the UFC again?

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