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Luke Rockhold explains Vitor Belfort’s patented “steroid burst”

Luke Rockhold explains Vitor Belfort’s patented “steroid burst”

Vitor Belfort is arguably the scariest person to face in the first round. Him, or maybe Anthony Johnson. Or maybe Fedor… Or maybe 2015 Andrei Arlovski? Nah. But still, anyone who can survive the patented Vitor Belfort first round bull rush has a chin and can withstand the worst of whatever anyone has to offer. The Chris Weidman took everything a noticeably smaller Vitor had to give, then simply took him down and destroyed him with elbows and punches straight to the facial region.

Meanwhile, Luke Rockhold was chuckling and shaking his head. Luke has been pretty pissed at Vitor ever since Vitor knocked him out with a spinning back kick, but that doesn’t change the fact that Luke went to block low and got caught high. Don’t be a bitter Betty, Luke. Steroids didn’t make you block low.

However, Luke has a point, and he’s in his prime right now, looking better than ever. The fight to make is Rockhold versus Weidman without a shadow of a doubt. It will be a fantastic fight, and one between two peaking fighters that we haven’t seen in a long time. I can’t remember the last time this could be said without a tongue firmly planted in cheek. Maybe Cormier/Bones? When else? Many other fights can have an asterisk next to the fight with the knowledge that one of the fighters is well past his prime, on some sort of performance enhancer, or something else that I’m not thinking of. Hmph. I’ll continue to think about matchups while I watch Luke Rockhold call Vitor a joke.

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