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Lorenz Larkin doesn’t need Modern Warfare 3, he shoots guns at actual things

Lorenz Larkin doesn’t need Modern Warfare 3, he shoots guns at actual things

If ‘death’ and ‘taxes’ are absolute guarantees in life, then you getting your face blasted by me in Halo: Reach places a very close third. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. I’ve just developed an extraordinary talent for making people’s heads explode half-way across any map in Halo. Normally, I just show them this picture and their brain ignites from alarmingly-high amounts of ’90s coolness.

Lorenz Larkin has another method to rip things apart through the use of ballistic force, and it involves packing heat. Check out this video of Larkin taking a trip to The Gun Store in Las Vegas to show the world how handy he is with the steel.

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