Liz Carmouche: ‘I’d Absolutely Do’ Shevchenko Trilogy Fight

Liz Carmouche
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Liz Carmouche Wants Third Fight Against Valentia Shevchenko

Liz Carmouche is now one and one against Valentina Shevchenko. Now she is looking for a third fight, to truly settle the score.

Carmouche lost a unanimous decision to Shevchenko over the weekend, in a lackluster fight. Neither women would engage, causing multiple stalemates, in the UFC Uruguay main event. This rematch resulted in a disdain among the spectators watching. Additionally, some referred to it as one of the worst fights in UFC history.

However, following the event, Carmouche spoke on why there was little action in the match. She opened up at the post fight press conference, explaining what happened.

“I absolutely anticipated that she would be a lot more aggressive and less hesitant. I think that because of the style that I was doing was throwing her off, but I thought that she’d be much more resilient in it, and be more aggressive off of that instead of being more cautious and hesitant.

I think that we both had a game plan, I don’t think that there’s blame to be had. I think that I was throwing her off of her style. But I mean, to her I didn’t execute and get the win either. So I think it was both of our parts that negated our ability to do what either of us anticipated doing.”

Despite that, Cramouche feels like she could fare better, in a third fight with the 125lb champ.

“Absolutely I should have pushed the pace more. There’s a lot I’ll have to go back on and look at the tape to see changes I want to do, and things I want to fix. But I think I could have pushed it more to have a better chance at getting the win.

After seeing her hesitance and her caution tonight and her not execute her usual game plan and not have that cutthroat killer instinct that everybody knows, but actually be hesitant? That’s not something we’ve seen her do before, so I’d absolutely do it again, and do things differently, and actually take that belt from her.”

Do you have any interest in a third fight between Liz Carmouche and Valentina Shevkchenko?

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