Liz Carmouche Says UFC Cut Her Because She Kept Beating Prospects

Liz Carmouche
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Liz Carmouche Details Being Cut From The UFC

UFC fans were a bit shocked to learn that Liz Carmouche had been cut by the organization. Now she opens up about what it was like getting the news, and the reasons she was given for the release.

Carmouche is a true pioneer in women’s MMA, competing in the first female fight in UFC history, alongside Ronda Rousey. Furthermore, she even came extremely close to beating Ronda in that fight, nearly choking her. Since then, she has had ups and downs, culminating in another title shot against flyweight queen Valentina Shevchenko earlier this year.

Therefore it was a bit of a surprise to learn that Carmouche had been cut by the UFC. What was more surprising, was that she got the news while she was doing promotional work in Washington DC, ahead of last weekend’s card. Speaking with Ariel Helwani, she explains what that process was like.

“I WAS actually in the car with Reed Harris and a few of the other fighters,” Carmouche said. “We HAD just came back from a hospital, a children’s ward, talking to some kids who were going through different treatments, and there were some adults that were going through chemotherapy.

Wejust returned from doing this,” Carmouche explained. “we had all the higher ups from the  hospital just expressed how grateful they were and how much it made a difference going out there. We are on the drive back, on the way to go get food and my management calls. And I’m like, ‘Well that can’t be a good thing, if I’m in this car.’”

When she got the news, Carmouche did not say anything to anybody in the car. She knew that it was nobody’s fault who was there, and chose to save face.

As for why she was cut, Carmouche explains it was not because of typical reasons.

“So since I’ve been with the organization especially over the last few years, I’ve had a lot of difficulty getting fights. it’s Not because of injury, it’s not for lack of readiness or preparations going into the fight, it just it seems that all of the opponents I had been offered turned down all the fights,” says Liz Carmouche. “the frequency I prefer is to do four fights a year, three, or how many I possibly can. And constantly we were just told that everyone was just saying no.

the reason that they gave is that they are really trying to build up the division,” Carmouche continued. “And every female that they have brought in to the 125 division I’ve been able to beat them. So it’s not really giving them the opportunity to build up the division how they wanted to. So unfortunately, for the best well-being of the division, they had to cut me to give me the opportunity to go elsewhere to get the fights I needed.”

However it would seem that Carmouche will be getting the fights she needs, as recent reports state that she is looking to sign with Bellator. Here, she would immediately be among top contenders. Nevertheless, it is still a bit shocking that it came to this.

Wherever she ends up, one can only hope that Liz Carmouche has a successful post-UFC career.

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