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LIVE Tweet/Twat Show from UFC 103!

LIVE Tweet/Twat Show from UFC 103!

I’m pretty sure that by the time the second prelim hits, I will be entirely too drunk to publish articles on MiddleEasy. Instead, I’m going have a ‘Live Tweet/Twat Show’ entirely on If you don’t have Twitter, don’t worry. You can check out our live tweets (twats?) from UFC 103 right here. If you want to participate, just sign up for Twitter and add MiddleEasy. Alright, guys…I’m off. If you see me in a bar at the American Airlines Arena elbow deep in a cosmopolitian, tape me on my shoulder and tell me to drunk dial my ex-girlfriend.

Below is the complete Tweet (Twat?) show from UFC 103.

@MiddleEasy Alright, everyone. MiddleEasy’s Live Tweet/Twat show starts right now…and I’m already late.

@MiddleEasy I’m not even close to the arena and I just saw a dog jump another dog

@mmahotstuff @MiddleEasy dallas is crazy town LOL

@mmahotstuff Walking in Dallas is like being a pedestrian in Grand Theft Auto 4

@mmahotstuff that’s wild

@mmahotstuff @MiddleEasy my parents live in dallas so i can mock it. it’s scary stuff. if you ever watch first 48 (tv show) it’s always in Dallas.

@MiddleEasy The reason I missed the weigh-ins

@mmahotstuff @MiddleEasy fancy.

@MMAAdvertising @MiddleEasy You gotta keep it fresh!

@MiddleEasy @MMAAdvertising Always.

@emmavsmma @MiddleEasy Nice kicks!

@MiddleEasy @emmavsmma Yeaah!

@maik3r @MiddleEasy good reason, don’t think they wouldve let you in barefoot

@MiddleEasy The line…

@MiddleEasy Craaaazy seats!

@MiddleEasy Joe Rogan rocking the Joe Rogan look

@MiddleEasy Everyone geeking out at Rogan

@MiddleEasy Dos Anos fight about to pop off

@MiddleEasy Whatever pop off means

@MiddleEasy Emerson is punching himself in the face in the walk-in to build up his immune system to overhand rights

@TylerTom @MiddleEasy lol

@MiddleEasy Jenna Jameson just walked in…with Tito

@MiddleEasy Really hot chick with them too

@MiddleEasy Tito just got up, waved his hands up and the entire place erupted

@MiddleEasy The only time I’ve seen Jenna was on my college laptop, she looks incredibly hot sitting down too

@MiddleEasy Oh…and Dos Anos won

@MiddleEasy Matyeshenko went the wrong way in his walk to the cage. He just turned around. Rawesome.

@MMAAdvertising @MiddleEasy That is pretty Rawesome. I think The Janitor is gonna clean house tonight, big KO! We’ll wait and see!

@MiddleEasy Big fan of The Janitor.

@MiddleEasy @MMAAdvertising he got rocked but he recovered with a side mount

@MiddleEasy Janitor is putting up a great fight

@MiddleEasy Hershel Walker in the crowd! Yes!

@MiddleEasy Janitor won a ID. Eliot coming in the cage now

@MiddleEasy ID means UD in semi-drunk Iphone predictive text

@MiddleEasy Watching the guy that beat our dude, Damarques, in TUF last season is bitter sweet

@MiddleEasy If Tracy Lee wants to make-out with me at the after party, I’m not going to be able to stop her this time.

@maggiehendricks @mstracylee Ha! RT @MiddleEasy: If Tracy Lee wants to make-out with me at the after party, I’m not going to be able to stop her this time.

@MiddleEasy Marshall won, everyone is booing and Joe Rogan is dancing while everyone is taking pics of him.

@missmma09 @MiddleEasy Why is everyone booing?

@MiddleEasy @missmma09 Its Texas that’s why. They shot JFK.

@MiddleEasy Dude is rocking the Paulo Filho tribute cut-off.

@MiddleEasy Missed the most exciting fight so far because I had to get one of these. Damn.

@FightPromo @MiddleEasy totally worth it tho

@missmma09 @MiddleEasy That looks yummy!

@MiddleEasy Natasha just gave me a high 5 on my right hand. She knows I exist. That’s step one…

@MiddleEasy Here’s your boy…

@SchiavelloVOICE is rocking more bling than Ghostface Killah

@MiddleEasy The Voice en la casa! My spanish shout out of the night

@JOHANYUSOF85 @MiddleEasy and @SchiavelloVOICE, have fun at UFC 103 tonight! 😀 😀 😀

@MiddleEasy I’m a feminist at heart but…wow.

@MiddleEasy To all those watching the prelims, it’s not a live feed

@GreasyCarni @Middleeasy yea u can tell, they are skipping the entrances and everything

@MiddleEasy Everyone is so amped up here. I wouldn’t be surprised if a riot broke out.

@missmma09 @MiddleEasy How good are your seats? I’ve only been to one event so far but will def go to more in the future 🙂

@MiddleEasy @missmma09 They were floor!

@MiddleEasy Hermes looks like he scalped my next door neighbor and did a hair transplant

@jbpwny @MiddleEasy what’s the deal with the hair?

@MiddleEasy @jbpwny it was magic hair

@MiddleEasy Hieron in Griffin’s corner!

@MiddleEasy Ok, this is UFC103’s crowd attendance, anyone have a pic of Marquez/Mayweather?

@MiddleEasy My Twitter buddy @Franktrigg is stepping up. Nervous. Definitely nervous.

@MiddleEasy Trigg looks focused in his corner

@MiddleEasy Looked too early to everyone here

@MiddleEasy Hieron in Kampmann’s corner! Dude is like the MMA Where’s Waldo

@MMAvalor @MiddleEasy LoL that would be a fun game. Where’s Jay!

@MiddleEasy @MMAvalor I think he’s coming to the after party. If he is, I’ll ask him about his favorite movies again

@MiddleEasy Wow HUGE Upset . Everyone is booing but it’s Texas. They’re stuck in 1964.

@MiddleEasy Dean Lister!

@emmavsmma @MiddleEasy You havin’ fun, man? Gonna head to any after parties? Remember: we want pictures!

@MiddleEasy Tonight, one of my heroes just died. Not the hero, just the mystique.

@MMAAdvertising @MiddleEasy I don’t think your the only one, I’m not a huge Mirko fan but I know the feeling.

@MiddleEasy @andychildress Bummer.

@andychildress @MiddleEasy mine died with Liddel. On the fence with Randy

@MiddleEasy @MMAAdvertising It’s tough.

@MiddleEasy Judging by the fashion here, Tom Atencio has NOTHING to worry about

@MiddleEasy @emmavsmma Phone died when I was taking a pic with Dana. In the hallway reviving it. Bummer.

@emmavsmma @MiddleEasy Did he know your site?

@MiddleEasy @emmavsmma He remembered the card from UFC 101. Not the site so that’s close. I gave him another.

@MiddleEasy @SI_JoshGross Most important thing about tonight was the three wins by three ex-Affliction fighters. Think about that.

@MiddleEasy @SI_JoshGross let that marinate in your MMA saucepan.

@SI_JoshGross @MiddleEasy There’s no such thing as an Affliction fighter. Or Pride fighter. Or UFC fighter. Or Strikeforce fighter. They’re just fighters.

@MiddleEasy Here’s the line to the after party. I’m on the guest list but the list is ‘closed’. Damn.

@MiddleEasy Matyeshenko’s after party is at a 24/7 BBQ place.

@MiddleEasy That’s it for tonight. I will now edit all this down, post it on the site and make it appear funnier than it actually was.

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