Listen up: Harold Lederman has a way to improve judging in boxing

Judging boxing is a difficult endeavor, judging an MMA fight is even more difficult. Judging in itself is an extremely subjective entity, hence the word judging. That said, obviously neither boxing or MMA is free from horrendous judging disasters.

As someone who has sat cage side at multiple MMA events for various organizations, I will say, man, it’s easy to miss a LOT of action. While I do realize that if I was a judge, I’d have a better seat, it’s still much harder to judge a fight cage side than on TV. It’s incredibly difficult to decipher what punches landed clean and what punches are rolled with or blocked.

Harold Lederman, a man who’s been in the business for about twice as long that I’ve been alive, shares his opinion on the judges seat and how to improve it.

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