Lion vs. tiger cage fight? Georges St-Pierre and Firas Zahabi give their hot takes

The age old question of who would win in a fight between seven mini Georges St-Pierres versus a single seven foot tall Anderson Silva may never be answered. Another old timey combat sports question takes fans to the animal kingdom where for unknown reasons a super heavyweight lion crosses paths with a super heavyweight tiger. Team mane versus Team stripes is a debate for the ages.

The greatest welterweight of all-time Georges St-Pierre is firmly in the camp of lions. Head coach of Tristar Gym and voice in GSP’s corner for years, Firas Zahabi stands on the side of tigers.

If the UFC is booking animal kingdom super fights what venue would house the lion vs. tiger main event? Is it possible for Pearl at Palms in Las Vegas to file the proper paper work and get their venue up to code prior to getting the lion vs. tiger super fight? Throwing the sport back to UFC 1, a lion vs. tiger fight may be a good time to rethink the whole moat around the cage along with a raised fence for fighter safety. 

After some research GSP says the lion would have both a power and wrestling advantage over a tiger. Zahabi counters with the athleticism edge the tiger holds over his feline brother. If tigers can climb trees in two steps then the coaches at Tristar could teach the jungle cat to sprawl with perfect technique. Six months of sprawl training is all a tiger needs to become UFC ready.

Lion vs. tiger super fights are all the rage. Win or lose there will always be conspiracy theorists on the internet who claim the lion and tiger are only fighting each other because they are both ducking a big money fight with the bear. A bear riding a unicycle on his walkout to the cage is the type of prefight mind game that neither the lion or tiger can prep for.

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