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Liddell’s Coach Makes Funny Parody Of Chuck Liddell Vs Tito Ortiz Trilogy

Liddell’s Coach Makes Funny Parody Of Chuck Liddell Vs Tito Ortiz Trilogy

It looks like John Hackelman doesn’t agree with the intention of Chuck Liddell, a former UFC Light Heavyweight champion and his best fighter ever, to return to the MMA and fight in the trilogy against Tito Ortiz.

Tito wants that fight badly, claiming that will be “the hugest fight in the history of MMA”. John Hackelman is everything but excited when it comes to this possibility. He has decided to share his disagreement in public.

He has said a very interesting thing, comparing this fight with making love to a fat woman. According to Hackelman, this is not the thing you want to do unless times become “tough”. He also stated that he would like his fighters to work their regular jobs and train MMA for love. (via

“It’s like fucking a fat chick again. You don’t want to do it in public again. You had to do it because times were hard or you were forced to do if for whatever reason. You don’t want to keep doing it,” proclaimed John during a recent edition of The MMA Hour.

John Hackelman has issued an additional explanation when it comes to his paradox with an overweight woman.

“I respect Tito, for a lot of reasons, but Chuck beat him twice already, he stopped him twice. And that is all that I mean by that analogy. I’m not putting Tito down at all. Tito is a pioneer and a stud,” he added. “He will fight anyone, anytime, he’s done shit in the UFC that, you know, I think he is a great fighter.”

Chuck Liddell knocked Tito Ortiz out cold both at UFC 47 and UFC 66. But now fighters are older and more mature, and John Hackleman believes the most of viewers aren’t interested in their rematch in the way Chuck Liddell is. The Iceman even has The Huntington Beach Bad Boy’s number!

“Chuck has his number, and it’s not just him, but he’s already knocked him out twice. So, it doesn’t make me feel better or worse. That Jon Jones thing was kind of pushing it too far on that edge right now. Tito as an opponent is a good opponent for Chuck just based on history.”

Despite the opposite stances, John Hackelman stated that he will support Chuck 100% if he decides to get back into MMA for their third fight. He promises to keep his back. What do you think, shall we watch the trilogy between two former angry rivals? Does Tito Ortiz have the power to revenge? Maybe Hackelman has something against fat women?

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