Let’s watch Mighty Mouse get dominated in EA UFC 3 career mode

Mighty Mouse vs EA UFC 3

The pound for pound greatest fighter currently in MMA is struggling at EA UFC 3 and it kind of makes us feel better about ourselves. Mighty Mouse is the flyweight GOAT and rapidly approaching open weight GOAT status. The UFC 125 pound champion is also a damn good gamer.

So when Johnson ramps up the difficulty on EA UFC 3 to pro mode, it’s funny to watch him get worked over by the computer with ease. Mighty Mouse is an all-time great fighter and he is much better at video games than 95% of the human population, in theory he should almost never lose at EA UFC.

If Demetrious Johnson can lose at MMA video games than it’s okay for the rest of us to lose to. The next time you trip up at work or in life just remember that time Johnson got tooled over and over again in EA UFC 3.

Whatever you have done to career mode at pro difficulty EA, keep doing it and keep slightly frustrating the Mouse GOAT for our personal amusement.

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