Let’s watch Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz geek out over the possible Shane Carwin vs. Fedor fight

Shane Carwin vs. Fedor?!?! The current MMA heavyweight landscape is madness. In world of massive floating 265 pound objects the idea of fantasy match making heavyweights is still an inexact science in 2016. Throw in a returning Carwin, The GOAT Emelianenko and the puzzle gets even a more jumbled.

The UFC has the majority of top class heavyweights but outside their reach Bellator, Rizin and others can still build events based off the allure of a very large man punching another very large man in the skull.

Enter UFC commentator Joe Rogan and comedian Joey Diaz to try to make the current heavyweight MMA picture a little more clearly; possibly while stoned. The only true way to shape shift and manipulate the MMA heavyweight rankings is witht he aid of some kind of mind altering substance. Heavyweights just don’t ever make sense.

Rogan. Diaz. The floor is yours, now explain all the magic and wonders of why a potential Shane Carwin vs. Fedor fight would be just insanely fun in the year of our fight Lord 2016.


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