Let the Freakshow Commence: The Green Power Ranger Wants CM Punk

I’ll be upfront in saying that I have no qualms with CM Punk being in the UFC. You can talk about the sanctity of the sport or how the UFC is the Super Bowl of MMA all that you want, but MMA was built on the foundation of professional wrestling. Without Antonio Inoki, Nobuhiko Takada, Akira Maeda, Kazushi Sakuraba and other pro wrestlers there would have been no MMA boom in Japan and who the hell knows where UFC would have ended up.

I’m not sure that CM Punk, who admitted to having fourteen concussions in his WWE tenure, will even get medically cleared to fight, but him chasing a dream isn’t going to sully the sport of MMA more than it already is sullied. I saw Sean Gannon’s lone UFC fight live and it was a hilarious affair that failed to capture any sort of mainstream press, which is something that the signing of CM Punk has already proven to be doing. He’s a needle mover, like it or not.

Now, if you want to argue about ruining the sanctity of the sport, let’s talk about the hangers on a bit, let’s talk about the guys who want the world to think that they are a bigger deal than they are and because of that never went anywhere in the sport of MMA. Let’s talk about the Green Ranger, Jason David Frank, challenging CM Punk.

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This isn’t anything new for Frank, who has always been looking for a big fight, but he at least had four amateur MMA fights and has a professional record of 1-0. This also isn’t the first time that Jason David Frank has called out Punk. I’m not entirely sure that the UFC would need to hire Frank to fight Punk, seeing as though Punk alone will grab headlines. They could find that guy that they sent to Moscow to “fight” Mickey Rourke and get the same exact amount of press that adding the Green Ranger would. Sorry, Tommy, keep playing that flute, bruh.

Man, that Rita Repulsa, amirite?

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