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Let’s watch Rogan Riff on The Ultimate Fighter

Let’s watch Rogan Riff on The Ultimate Fighter

Love it or hate it, The Ultimate Fighter has a special place in all of our hearts as fight fans. It feeds into our desire to watch MMA constantly, it quenches our adolescent need for disgusting pranks. We get to observe high level training montages and the banter, my god the banter. Most importantly, TUF allowed MMA fans to draw another line in the way of the mean nickname department. If you were introduced to MMA post 2005, you are now lovingly referred to as a TUF Noob. Personally, I’m thankful that TUF finally made my wife appreciate MMA on another level, mostly because she thought a 2005 era Stephan Bonnar was a ‘weird and funny’ guy, silly TUF noobs.

Tonight TUF is back with their fifteenth season and this time as we all know, the fights are live. Since fifteen is a relatively big number for a TV series and everyone is feeling a little nostalgic, here’s Joe Rogan riffing on The Ultimate Fighter.


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