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Let’s Watch Matt Riddle’s First Day of Pro Wrestling Training, Shall We?

Let’s Watch Matt Riddle’s First Day of Pro Wrestling Training, Shall We?

Well, that headline is a bit misleading because Matt Riddle was training elsewhere before he went to the Monster Factory to train, so he’s had a few training sessions as a professional wrestler before this, but that’s just semantics at this point. This video is of former UFC fighter Matt Riddle’s first session at the Monster Factory training to be a professional wrestler.

Riddle’s career in MMA was one that involved a lot of weed and failed drug tests, followed by a lot of trash talking, which really should work out just fine in pro wrestling. I mean, shit, RVD and Sabu were both on the cover of High Times magazine before and still ended up having moderate success in the WWE. If Matt Riddle is a success in pro wrestling is kind of up to him and which path he chooses. Being an indy wrestler in the Northeast means that he’ll have to work a certain, workrate-intense style to wow fans — or — he’ll need to get comfortable with staple guns and barbed wire.

For now he’s drilling the basics until he starts taking back bumps and learning stuff like bodyslams, but knowing the basics is key, alright?

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