Let’s start getting hyped for Bellator 44

For everyone that has been proclaiming there is no MMA on this weekend, they’re clearly out of their minds. Skip the doctor’s office to get your brain thoroughly examined. It’s a waste of time. Instead, elect to receive one of Alexander Shlemenko’s spinning back fist directly to your dome. You may awaken in a pool of your own saliva with a few Russian guys standing over you, but at least you’ll realize that Bellator 44 will be drop-kicking your televisions tonight at 8:00pm CST/ 9:00pm PST on MTV 2. If you have basic cable, then there’s an amazing chance you also have MTV 2. Don’t be scared to search around your channel line-up, homie. Actually, that line would have been better said from Nick Diaz’s mouth.

Arguably the scariest middleweight in MMA history will partake in a non-title bout against a guy we just interviewed a few days ago, Falaniko Vitale. He told us he heard Hector was ‘a punk in the gym’ and that his gas tank may be a problem. Apparently the odd makers at simply do not share the same beliefs. Currently, Falaniko Vitale is a +425 underdog to Hector Lombard’s superhuman +625 odds. Essentially, if you believe that Falaniko Vitale is going to grab the W over Lombard and drop $100 on Vitale at , you will basically walk away with $800,000 stored nicely in your pocket. That’s slightly exaggerated. More along the lines of $625.

While that may be incredibly appealing if some of you believe Falaniko Vitale will halt Hector Lombard’s twenty-one win streak (the last guy he lost to was Gegard Mousasi in Pride back in 2006), many of you realists out there may want to direct your attention on a fight that as 0.01% probability of going to the ground: Alexander Shlemenko vs. Brett Cooper. As of right now, has Brett Cooper at +135, making him a slight underdog against Shlemenko’s -165. If any of you want to throw a little cash in your wallet, my suggestion would be to bet the metaphorical house on Brett Cooper to pull off the upset. He has the power of Long Beach California behind him whereas Shlemenko is so far removed from Russia that he’s like an alien living on a different planet. In short, and bet your entire month’s rent on Brett Cooper. You can thank me later tonight.

It all goes down tonight at 8:00pm CST/ 9:00pm PST on MTV 2 and if you miss it, it’s just another notch removed from your MMA fan card.

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