Let’s not overlook the fact that some drunk driver may have ended Shane del Rosario’s MMA career

Before you even think about grabbing your keys and hopping in your car after visiting your local bar, just remember that the greatest undefeated heavyweight prospect on the planet may not be able to continue his MMA career due to some idiot drinking and driving. Yes, some idiot. There’s no other way to illustrate a person that would threaten the lives of others for their own selfish need to park their vehicle at night. Get a cab, folks. Walk if you need to, you probably need the exercise anyway. Just don’t replicate the idiot that struck Shane del Rosario’s parked car at a red light — at 6:00 pm. Steve Marrocco of MMAJunkie spoke with Colin Oyama, del Rosario’s trainer, about Shane’s potential career-ending car accident. Just a heads up folks, skip Oyama’s quote if you don’t want your Monday morning starting off with the urge to choke the nearest inanimate object in your vicinity.

“He’s having some serious physical difficulties. He’s planning on [fighting again], but the injuries are serious enough to where it’s kind of in question whether he can or not. We’re hoping that he can. We’ll know more in six months.”

“He was at a complete stop. This lady was drunk at 6 p.m. – I’m not sure how you’re drunk at 6 p.m. – but she lost control of her car, smashed into him, and apparently tried to flee the scene. The cops chased her down and caught her.”

Needless to say, Shane del Rosario has been pulled from his Strikeforce bout against Daniel Cormier which was scheduled to go down at the second leg of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand-Prix on June 18th. It appears that del Rosario has been attending rehab as often as possible while dealing with the legal hassle that often accompanies vehicular mishaps. Sure it wasn’t his fault, but some attorney out there will try to convince a judge that del Rosario should not get the full monetary compensation that he’s entitled too. For that, the previously mentioned attorney deserves to be head-stomped by a thousand prime Wanderlei Silvas. I’ll buy the pay-per-view for that. In fact, let’s have a MiddleEasy viewing party. [Source]

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