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Let’s not overlook Bobby Green joining UFC to take on Jacob Volkmann at UFC 156

Let’s not overlook Bobby Green joining UFC to take on Jacob Volkmann at UFC 156

On January 24th 2009 the world was introduced to a guy from Riverside Submission Camacho MMA team that had an impressive record of 7-1 (with all eight fights occurring in 2008). On two-weeks notice he made his PPV debut on one the biggest cards of 2009: ‘Affliction: Day of Reckoning’ (RIP). While you were contracting a staph infection from training your Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Bobby Green was busy thwarting gang turf wars with his fighting style. The fact that Bobby Green’s fighting style is categorized as: “Hood” should be enough for you to sacrifice a few goats in his honor.

Once Bobby Green’s Affliction: Day of Reckoning bout with Dan Lauzon ensued, we all realized what ‘Fighting Style: Hood’ entailed. Essentially it meant kicking a guy in the testicles three times in the first round. Big John wasn’t officiating the fight but he said the first groin shot didn’t even land but the other two were fair game. After the first testicle punt Bobby Green rested on the ropes and the camera caught him saying ‘Oh sh**, it’s Oscar De La Hoya and Donald Trump!’ as he looked at the crowd.

Unfortunately ‘Hood’ couldn’t keep Bobby from being submitted by Joe Lauzon’s brother. With five seconds left in the first round, Bobby was caught with a rear-naked-choke that forced him to tapout. Since that fight, Green has gone 11-3 with one of those losses being a very controversial split to JZ Cavalcante at Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson last year.

Today it was announced that Green has finally moved to the UFC and will take on Jacob Volkmann at UFC 156. We’re not sure Jacob Volkmann’s political stance on Bobby Green’s fighting style, but we’re going to watch every second of it on February 2nd at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

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