Let’s celebrate, Jason High signs with Strikeforce!

We were right there in Saitama, Japan when Jason High grabbed a massive win over Mach Sakurai at Dynamite!! 2010 and just four weeks later, we rode shotgun as Jason High pulled off the submission of the night at Titan Fighting Championship 16. Now Jason High has signed with Strikeforce and will make his debut sometime this Spring/Summer. Not only is the perhaps the greatest news that we could receive on a relatively dull Monday morning, but it just proves that the MiddleEasy monster adds +50 to your fight game. It’s synonymous to the theory that adding a decal on the back of your car adds +10 to the horsepower of your engine, just ask any person with a Honda in Fort Worth, Texas. Massive props to MiddleEasy fighter, Jason High, on a huge signing which immediately means that you should all follow him on Twitter. Over the weekend, FEG released footage of Jason High and King Mo walking backstage after his Mach Sakurai win, and damn the camera man for not panning down lower to show the MiddleEasy logo on his shorts.

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