Let’s all go to Target. Walmart refusing to sell Ronda Rousey’s book because she’s too violent

On the weekend when her biggest Hollywood film is released, Furious 7, you will not find Ronda Rousey chilling at her local neighborhood Walmart. Sure they have great low prices, their own bank, sometimes a McDonalds or Subway built right in, barber shop, and an interesting assortment of the people but that doesn’t mean the Walmart Corporation supports mixed martial arts.

Don’t be tempted by all the rad MMA t-shirts they carry (2 for $10 on all Sinister or MMA Elite tees right now!) on their shelves, Walmart doesn’t want our violent kind roaming their dressing rooms.

Harkening back to the days when Walmart took a stand against Gangsta Rap and heavy metal music in the mid-1990s, Walmart is allegedly refusing to sell Rousey’s upcoming memoir “My Fight / Your Fight” on their store shelves when it is released on May 12th.

Local big town upstart news gathering company the NY Post with some more details.

“Walmart — the largest seller of guns and ammo in the country — is refusing to sell a book by cage-fighting cutie Ronda Rousey on the grounds that she’s too violent.

“I’m shocked, shocked to discover that censorship is going on in America!” snarked publisher Judith Regan.”

Heard Target has some great deals this weekend, maybe the MMA community as a whole meets up there in support of Rousey? The Target by your house finally fixed their ICEE machine. The MMA community needs this.


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