“Let Me Bang, Bro” Still Wants to Get Drunk and Bang, Bro

Julian Lane, the Ultimate Fighter Contestant famous for drunkenly crying, “Let Me Bang, Bro”, is back on the 25th redemption season that is concluding this weekend on FS1. His redemption did not go so smoothly. He lost in his first fight against Ramsey Nijem by TKO in the first round. Despite losing swiftly and without ceremony, Julian couldn’t seems to stay out of the limelight. We had seen clips without context showing Lane choking Flyweight contender Tim Elliott, but now we know the context of the situation.


So it seems like Lane is still just a drunken asshole. Favorite cringe-worthy part? When he defends his d**khead behavior by saying he made Elliott leave his house. The house provided to him by the UFC in order to compete on their reality television show. You know, his house. Jesus, dumb drunk people are terrible. Never mind these douche bags were throwing glass bottles at people sitting by a fire. That might be the ultimate shit head move. Imagine chilling by a fire, shooting the shit, laughing, and suddenly getting cracked with a glass bottle to the head. Fucking terrible. The morality of throwing glass bottles at people hanging fireside are black and white. It’s a bridge too far. If we don’t take a hard stance against this, no campsite will be safe again. Fuck Julian Lane and fuck Seth Baczynski.


Post-script: Eddie “Truck” Gordon in the bathrobe is legend.

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