A Lesson in Street MMA: Girls in pink backpacks often know Karate kicks

Much like the Machida era the street MMA era of one kick TKO victories will be a long and dangerous one. The dawning of the era may have begun in Russia. Courtesy of a conveniently placed dash cam, a young Russian gentleman starts an argument that ends with a kick to the groin. Throughout recorded history a swift kick to the groin makes for the best closer in any debate. 

The young couple starts to have quarrel in a public park. Perhaps they were fighting about which Emelianenko brother is their favorite; Fedor or Alexander? She loves The GOAT while he loves his MMA fighters with scary Grim Reaper tattoos. The debate takes an ugly turn when he claims he heard a rumor of there being a third Emelianenko bro named Cooper.

She attempts to walk away after explaining to him he’s thinking of the famed football Manning brothers of Peyton, Eli and Cooper. This dude is so confused. The light bulb kicks on for our Russian male protagonist when a girl in a pink backpack attempts to mediate the argument.

He really won’t let his mixed up facts go as he begins to yell and move towards our hero in a ponytail. Perfect karate kick technique meet angry dude with his hands down. Winner via walk off TKO is Karate girl with a sweet backpack. Welcome to the Karate girl era, don’t be the asshole in the park.

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