Lesnar’s next move, Ryback to MMA, new TUF and more in The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

Fedor? Fedor! Fedor?!?! A byproduct of getting Fedor-blocked mere hours before his scheduled Bellator debut may be some MMA Rumors. The crazier storylines that MMA writers churn out, the faster the MMA rumor spins in place.

In a MMA week that started with GSP and finished with Fedor the sport’s Choose Your Own Adventure style of storytelling is reaching new levels of dramatic jump scares.

As always these our rumors that have been talked about behind closed doors between MMA higher ups, so take them as MMA rumors.

Double fist some ice cream for breakfast because this is your post-non-Fedor Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

  • As of now, Bill Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33 is still scheduled to be a Universal title match with Goldberg winning the belt at Fastlane. The match is also close to being a lock to serve as the main event
  • Rumors are UFC 208 was a near flop as far as pay per view buys are concerned. Early projections may place the final number of buys below 200K
  • Despite rumors, to the contrary Bellator has not signed former WWE big guy Ryback to a fight contract
  • Sources say that in order to get a larger TV rights contract the UFC is offering complete control of Fight Pass to the network who wins them. This may explain the recent changes to FP you may have noticed over the last few months as well as the internal staff turnover
  • If you’re into betting on The Ultimate Fighter a few names that are rumored to have gone far in tournament are James Krause, Dhiego Lima, Jesse Taylor and Ramsey Nijem

If you have heard of any interesting rumors that you would like to add, feel free to post them in the comments section below, on our Facebook page, tweet us or mail them to us in an unmarked envelope. Just remember they are rumors and not confirmed as fact, so please take them as such.

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