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Leon Edwards Wins Donald Cerrone Via Unanimous Decision In A Close Fight!

Leon Edwards Wins Donald Cerrone Via Unanimous Decision In A Close Fight!

The main event of the evening at UFC Fight Night 132 is reserved for the match between a superstar and a rising star. Donald “The Cowboy” Cerrone is a real UFC veteran (33-10, 20-7 UFC) who was winning the biggest names of this sport and settled down in Welterweight division. The Cowboy is a Muay Thai specialist, a fearsome striker who won Fight Of The Night bonus 13 times. You don’t want this guy in the stand-up game…

When it comes to Leon Edwards (15-3, 7-2 UFC), many believe he is a bigger potential than Darren Till, who defeated The Cowboy and built his name after this victory. He was defeated by Kamaru Usman and Claudio Silva via decision but he might have just had a tough schedule. If he takes Cerrone down, the fight could be turned from losing to a winning game!

Round 1

Excellent side kick from The Cowboy as the fight opens up. Cerrone nearly ducked into a head kick as he was delivering his initial kick. Good leg kicks, and great jab and cross from Edwards, who ties up with The Cowboy.

Takedown defense!

Cerrone surprises Edwards by defending the major outside reap. Both fighters trading knees, tucked against the cage.


Excellent elbow from Edwards and Cerrone is bleeding. Can you believe that a Muay Thai superstar is cut open via his ultimate weapon?

Cerrone tries to spin and does it in a great way, kick lands. The Cowboy attempts again and lands a great knee. Knees from Edwards and another elbow but Cerrone choses to clinch up again and look for the chance from Muay Thai clinch.

Edwards is able to trip him, looking for a knee on the way up, but The Cowboy responds with a right downstairs punch. Cerrone is able to stand on his feet and attempts a head kick but only lands a side kick, and Leon immediately replies with a low kick. What a great exchange! Edwards lands another elbow after an unsuccessful head kick attempt, and Cerrone mixes up his strikes. Good low kick trade, and a world-class left-hand counter for Edwards. Probably 10-9 Edwards.

Round 2

A short elbow from Edwards is followed by an awesome kick to the body, but Cerrone responds in the same way. You know that The Cowboy has been knocked out multiple times via body shot, so smart strategy from Edwards! Edwards kills Cerrone in the clinch with elbows but The Cowboy slips away and trades low kicks. Both fighters are attempting low kicks and Cerrone pushes him to the fence but Edwards defends in a great way and does a reversal. Cerrone is in big trouble!

An elbow to the head and a knee to the body by Edwards, Cerrone receives a lot of damage! Cerrone lands a straight right and this strike saves him since it stops Edwards’ combo, fighters are looking at each other again.

Excellent left hand by Edwards and a side kick from The Cowboy. Edwards tries with a body kick again and lands.

Low Blow!

Edwards takes a low blow and the referee stops the fight for a short notice.

Cerrone is trying to change level and use various strikes but his creativity almost cost him a takedown! Edwards receives head kick but lands a knee to the body… what is this guy made of, this had to hurt? Probably again 10-9 Edwards.

Round 3

Edwards attack early on and hits The Cowboy with two amazing left hands. Cerrone looks rocked but he recovers quickly. A head kick attempt but Cerrone clinches up again leaving the space for a knee. Edwards delivers a brutal knee to his midsection again!

War Is Coming!

Hard right hand by Edwards but Cerrone answers with a strong uppercut and straight right but eats a strong counterpunch. He is still moving, nothing happened! Cerrone lands a strong right kick to the body and pushes his opponent against the fence. But Edwards has done his homework well – he slips out and delivers an elbow again!

Cerrone shoots but no success. Edwards replies with a combo, and Cerrone utilizes a good punch and tries a takedown again. Cerrone misses with a flying knee and returns to the clinch again. Edwards misses the trip but lands a strong punch instead. Excellent knee from Cerrone, world-class exchange, very close round!

Round 4

Cerrone attempts with a strong right punch to the body.

Cowboy Is Down!

Edwards kicks his leg hard and The Cowboy is on the ground! Edwards tries landing super hard shots, but Cerrone is able to stand up and keep the distance with the side kicks.

Cerrone tries to fire a knee but eats left straight punch instead. Good side knee from The Cowboy, who ducks in again and deliver amazing jab-cross combination. What a precision! Edwards surprises Cerrone with a head kick but he is not stunned! Fighters circle and Edwards lands a good jab-cross! Good leg kick by Cerrone and body kick from Edwards.


Cerrone risks and eats a strong left punch and a knee as he pushes his opponent against the fence. What a takedown by The Cowboy, is this a smart move? Edwards is able to get up and land great left hand on the way up.

Cerrone tries to dump Edwards and a great low kick. Edwards attempts a head kick but misses. Probably 10-9 for Edwards.

Round 5

Cerrone believes he loses on the scorecards and he has no choice but to go forward. The Cowboy eats a left hand but delivers excellent body shot. Good side kick by Cerrone. Edwards answers with a knee but Cerrone attacks his leg with an ease. Great low kick!

The Cowboy pushes him against the fence, landing two low kicks in a row.

Leg Grab!

It looks like Edwards forgot how to check the low kick! What a defense by Edwards, he caught Cerrone’s leg! Edwards tries for a head kick but no success.


What a surprise, Cerrone grabs double underhooks on the fence… is he going to finish the fight? But Edwards simply knows how to use the fence to his advantage – he was able to stand up again!

Both fighters are on the distance, excellent uppercut to the body by The Cowboy. Final seconds of the match, both fighters look very tired. Very close round!

Check out the action below:


Winning moments:

Leon Edwards defeats Donald Cerrone via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)

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