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Leaked video shows Weidman’s corner say he doesn’t know what day it is, call Gegard a cocksucker

Leaked video shows Weidman’s corner say he doesn’t know what day it is, call Gegard a cocksucker

The combat sports world is bottomless beast that chews up and spits out even the best of them. After three straight losses, Chris Weidman has been seasoned, cooked, chewed, spit out then digested inside the belly of the beast. No matter how dumb the New York State Athletic Commission was at UFC 210, the controversial ending of Weidman’s bout with Gegard Diaz may have just delayed the inevitable.

Was Weidman’s hands down or up on the mat? When did Mousasi’s knee crush the face of the former UFC middleweight champion? These are tough split seconds that needed the aid of instant replay but in lieu of NY officials looking at video evidence we’ll have to watch this clip of Weidman’s corner flipping the hell out in the moments directly after the UFC 210 clusterfuck.

Let’s watch coaches Matt Serra, Ray Longo among others calmly and concisely react to the five alarm fire that was burning down their Octagon.

And a transcript of Weidman’s corner when shit hit the fan

Voice: If you’re okay you got to let him know
Serra: He’ll never know what day it is
*Fights waved off*
Longo: Fucking bullshit. Bull fucking shit
Serra: Fuck
Serra: Its because he doesn’t know what day it is. He might not know what day it is
Serra; Give me his shit. Where’s his shirt?
Longo: God damn it. He was fucking winning that fight to
Voice: He told them it was February and didn’t know what date it was
Longo: I told you that fucker is a dirty cock sucker
Referee: Watch the replay it was legal
Voice: Was it legal?
Voice: Two hands are down
Longo: Come on, are you kidding Dan. Dan! Look at that. How is that legal?
Longo: Mother fucker

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