LayzieThesavage reps the 209 in the latest Oddsbreakers show

LayzieTheSavage is a superhero and his superpowers are making dope highlight videos and repping the 209. There is no doubt in my mind that if Layzie had to battle the Ryan Reynolds version of the Green Lantern inside the cage, Layzie takes it 9 times out of 10 via video editing skills and mean mugs that are straight out of Stockton,California. The one loss comes from a fluke power ring ability. You have to respect the ring.

The Oddsbreakers Nick Kalikas and Miguel Iturrate had Layzie, Jon Luther and myself on the MMA Oddsbreaker show to discuss the Diaz/GSP line (or huge gap) and the lines for Ben Henderson/Jim Miller, Guida/Pettis, the Chris Lytle/Dan Hardy scrap and the pick that the president of the Brendan Schuab fanclub, Gary LaPlante will be excited to see: Schaub/Big Nog.

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