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Lawyer Thinks Conor McGregor Can’t Defend Against Michael Chiesa Lawsuit

Lawyer Thinks Conor McGregor Can’t Defend Against Michael Chiesa Lawsuit

Lawyer: “You Can’t Defend Conor McGregor It’s Virtually Defenseless Case, Michael Chiesa Legal Team Has Victory In Their Hands”

Michael Chiesa sued Conor McGregor and Barclays Center in New York State Supreme Court, Kings County, on Monday night. The Notorious was sued for assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. But Maverick also filed a lawsuit against Barclays Center. They didn’t take proper security measures to prevent the incident. An attorney Dmitriy Shakhnevich believes Chiesa’s legal team has “a slam dunk”.

Conor McGregor threw a metal dolly into the bus full of UFC fighters. Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg were injured. Chiesa had to withdraw from the fight versus Anthony “Showtime” Pettis due to lacerations and bleeding. Conor was arrested, but he reached plea deal and evaded prison sentence.

Dmitriy Shakhevich says guilty plea gives a critical advantage to Michael Chiesa. Also, there are many videos showing Conor’s behavior. Shakhnevich claims substantive defense, in this case, doesn’t exist. (via

“There’s definitely a legitimate case,” said the lawyer, who specializes in criminal defense and personal injury. “In fact, because [McGregor] plead guilty in the criminal case. And in criminal cases the standard is higher — it’s beyond a reasonable doubt. It’s not a preponderance of the evidence. Because he did that, it’s virtually a defenseless case. You can’t defend this case, there’s no way to defend it. Even if he didn’t plead guilty, there’s 450 videos showing this. There’s really no substantive defense.”

Dmitriy Shakhnevich predicts Barclays Center and Conor McGregor can only try to arrange some kind of a deal with Michael Chiesa. He believes the process won’t last long since Mystic Mac already pled guilty.

 “There’s no other way,” the lawyer said. “Because there’s no defense. There’s no way Conor can defend his case — he plead guilty. He allocated in open court what he did wrong. There’s no defense that’s admissible in this case.”

Chiesa’s lawyer Joseph W. Murray didn’t ask a cent. Shakhnevich says this is a very intelligent move. The famous lawyer also added that there were no death or heavy injuries. This is a mitigating circumstance. Shakhnevich predicts The Maverick could get around 100,000 dollars. Conor has fame and money. The payout shouldn’t be a problem for him.

“What they can do in this case is they can really put Conor through the ringer,” Shakhnevich said. “They can make him sit for a deposition, they could tape the deposition. It could make him really uncomfortable. He doesn’t need that. He has money, he has fame, he has everything. He’s not gonna want to be dragged through the mud. He’s gonna pay whatever he has to pay. Whatever he pays will pale in comparison to what he makes in a couple of weeks. There’s really no reason for him to defend this case.”

Many MMA fans are not happy with Michael Chiesa and his decision. Dmitriy Shakhnevich believes Michael Chiesa is only using his rights. Shakhnevich even added that he would encourage Chiesa and all the fighters that were in the bus to do the same.

“It’s tough to forego this possibility,” the attorney said. “The justice system is designed for this and he has a great case on the merits. There’s no downside. So, it’s tough to blame him. To get that much money in his pocket for a guy — you never know, he could lose his next fight and be cut and that’s it. It’s that kind of business. So, you can’t really judge him. I don’t. I’d encourage him to do the same thing and I’d encourage everybody else in that bus to do the same thing.”

What are your thoughts on this? Do you support Michael Chiesa? After all, he didn’t earn much throughout his fights. This lawsuit looks like a great way to increase his incomes.

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