Kurt Angle Says Brock Lesnar Wants Jon Jones, Jon Responds

Photos via @Brock.Lesnar_ & @JonnyBones Instagram.
Photos via @Brock.Lesnar_ & @JonnyBones Instagram.

Brock Lesnar Allegedly Wants A Jon Jones Fight

Ariel Helwani’s MMA show usually features the who’s who of stars in the MMA world. For reasons we can’t fathom, Monday’s edition featured WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle. During the episode, Angle mentioned that he believes he knows what fight would bring Lesnar back to the octagon. Brock Lesnar wants Jon Jones… at heavyweight.

“I know he said that he’s retired”, said Angle. “The one fight that he wants, and I don’t know if it’s ever going to happen, but he wants to go up against Jon Jones.”

Lesnar hasn’t fought in the Octagon since UFC 200 where he beat Mark Hunt via decision. The fight was later overturned to a no-contest due to Lesnar being “juiced to the gills” according to Mark Hunt.

 Angle Explained His Pitch For Making The Fight Happen

He might not win all of his fights, and he may not be the more polished fighter, but he is an incredible athlete,” said Angle. He also added how Lesnar’s size and athleticism would make for an interesting matchup between Brock and Jon.

Bones Saw The News And Responded

Jon took to Twitter and immediately responded to the claim that Lesnar wanted the fight. He said that Brock is way too slow and that he’ll embarrass him in the octagon.

Jon also said via Instagram that Lesnar “Doesn’t really want this fight. Trust me.”

Jon Jones saying “trust me” isn’t exactly the most comforting sentiment. Especially due to the fact that recently, Jon completely wrote off the idea of ever moving to heavyweight in regards to facing former champion Daniel Cormier in a trilogy fight. While Jones scoffed at the idea that Lesnar would be substandard competition, he never said no.

Would you pay to see Bones vs Lesnar? While many like the idea of the mega-fight, other fans would like to see Jon face what they consider to be true heavyweight competition. Since Jones wrote off the idea of facing DC at heavyweight, could we get Jones vs Lesnar?

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