Video: Kron Gracie Chokes Tatsuya Kawajiri Until Blood Squirts Out His Mouth Then Quotes Genki Sudo

What year is it? A Gracie just beat a Japanese fighter on New Years Eve. Kron Gracie, the Stoner Kombucha Samurai Gracie, followed directly in father Rickson’s foot steps right into the land of robots, lasers and the best MMA on this entire damn planet. There is only one place where a fighter can walk out into the arena to some sort of human didgeridoo, throat signing by the uncanny Lenne Hardt: RIZIN.

In order to not seem cliche and say this was the calm before the storm, the entrance was the held breath before the exhale of a harsh toke. That is, if that coughing fit ended up with blood spurting from your mouth. …Because that’s exactly what happened to Tatsuya Kawajiri. Like the most peaceful horror movie ever, Kron strangled Kawajiri and out spewed his life force. In his fourth fight, Kron dominated a guy who just gave Cub Swanson trouble. That’s nuts.

After the victory, Kron totally said, “we are all one” and went on this awesome talk about how we should all love each other, accept our differences and cut all the bullshit out of our lives. Maybe Stoner Kombucha Samura Gracie can rear naked choke us into world peace.

He sure made his daddy proud.

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