Watch: Krazy Horse blows Chael Sonnen’s mind when he retells famous Pride locker room fight story

Krazy Horse and Chael

Hearing about the most famous backstage brawl in mixed martial arts history never gets old. Listening to Krazy Horse Charles Bennett retell the time he tried to fight the entire Chute Boxe in the Pride locker room to Chael Sonnen is even better.

Throughout the interview Sonnen kind of acts like he has never heard any of this before. That can’t be. Sonnen has to know about it, right?

Let us go back to the locker room area during Pride FC: Shockwave 2005 on Dec. 31, 2005. As the story goes Bennett won his fight earlier in the night over Ken Kaneko by armbar. While hanging out backstage, Bennett was confronted by Chute Boxe lightweight Cristiano Marcello. The two of brawled over all the floor and the rest is captured on sweet mid-2000s camcorder technology.

Oh and according to Bennett after the cameras stopped filming he knocked Wanderlei Silva. Wait, what?

No wonder Chael Sonnen acted like his mind was blown when Krazy Horse retold him this infamous tale. Even typing those words 13 years later it still doesn’t all make sense. How could any of this be? Who destroyed the original tape?

A 155 pound Charles Bennett knocking a prime 2005 Axe Murderer into the shadow realm while backstage at one of Pride’s biggest events ever? Pride Never Die. Charles Bennett Never Die. We want to believe all of this.

Bennett and Sonnen need to have like 100 more of these fireside chats where Krazy Horse, now going by Felony, gives Chael MMA history lessons. Check out the video below and listen to Bennett make Sonnen mark out over some grand JMMA goodness.

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